Thursday, July 14, 2011

caricatures at sidewalk sale naperville

this little girl said can you put a bow in my hair?
I always wear a bow

except for today!

nice pose for the photo!
there was a face painter down the block
this was a treat to grandma from herself
she said she had waited for the face painting for 25 mins
and now it was her turn!

freckles, freckles, and more freckles

talk about cute!
this little lady was so excited to get her picture drawn
she said she loved it ...she kept giggling
I asked if she like it then...
then she said it was just adorable!!!!

this little one was so sweet
and wanted her FP in the drawing
after her brother got drawn
she came and gave him a big hug and a kiss

it was sooo sweet!

Director of Arranmore Center for the Arts
they made him go first....

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