Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monas Grad Party for Bobby

Adam my partner in crime...

Look at this little cutie! love the flower!
We started out with buttons...

but soon they wanted groups
can't fit 3 on a button

onto doubles and triples...
I kind of thought this might happen!

I received a lovely note from Mona today...

Hi Deb,

I cannot thank you enough for the both

of you doing such a fantastic job on Saturday at Bobby’s Graduation Party.

You were both amazing and the characters (caricatures) you drew were really wonderful!!!!

I know it was a long party and it showed that you guys really worked hard. I do appreciate everything you guys did to accommodate our guests.

Thanks again for ALL your hard work.



and even a second note...and an invite to do her next grad party!

Thanks again.

You and Adam were both amazing!!! I hope he will consider doing Bonnie’s party too. I know 2013 seems far off now but it will be here before you know it. As soon as I confirm the exact date in June ’13, I will contact your for a contract and get the ball rolling. At that time, we can discuss the details which will include the 3rd artist.

Thanks again so much Deb and Adam, it’s really a pleasure working with you.



Thanks Mona!

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