Monday, February 7, 2011

feel loved. . . you are

I had a dear friend that was given
a devastating diagnosis last summer
she had been battling cancer for several years
after suffering a seizure and being rushed to emergency
she was told that she now had a brain tumor
and was given weeks to months to live
after hearing this she decided that she and her husband would take
a trip to the keys for one final hoo rah...
I wanted to make something for her that was special
something she could hold in her hand
while she sat on the beach
something so she would know
I had a special poem
that I have been holding onto for years
and it seemed perfect
so I made her a scrimshaw pendant
with these words on the front and on the back is the rest of the poem
it goes like this...
breath deep
talk slow
walk soft
let go
give big
take less
dont count
just guess
act fair
think long
laugh loud
sing strong
plan bold
dream far
feel are

I dont know if she held it on the beach or not...I never got the chance to ask her
and well it just didnt seem to be an important
thing to ask. after returning
from her trip she was pretty much bed ridden until her passing

I had started making a second one to sell but
it was too difficult for me to finish it at the time...
it was not until this last weekend that I could
finish it!
It is for sale
this one only has the words
feel loved you are
inscribed on it
and will come packaged with the poem
this item is for sale in my etsy shop

she was my friend and I miss her!

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