Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve

The little guy in this photo is Elijah
he drew a picture of me and gave it to me to keep
it was so cute!
these are friends of the family and
the man is a great guitar palyer who entertained during the party as well!

the host and hostess
Steve and Jewel what a great party
and a great bunch of people
The whole party was an art theme
and Jewel had even covered pictures in the house
with all kinds of famous artwork.
Steve even got the kids all sketchbooks
and by the end of the evening everyone was drawing!

I do not always remember to take pictures,
nor do they always come out very good,
sometimes you get too busy drawing
or others are waiting to be drawn
or some people just don't want you
to take their picture with their pictures...
or as usual by the time I take the picture
someone in the drawing is missing!
I do not always get to post photos of all of my gigs
and I have been so busy with my new ETSY shop
but this was pretty special and a wonderful fun group
Thanks Steve and Jewel!
Happy New Year!

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