Wednesday, March 12, 2008

back now more determined than ever

I have been off line for a little while but I am back now... I am currently offering an online journaling class. some of you who know me have seen my journals. My journal pages can be seen from links on my website from the Illustration page. This class is something I have taught through the park district and online as well. Right now it has just been offered through my yahoo group day2dayjournaling but anyone is welcome to take the class. Right now I am just in the stage of seeing if there is enough interest to teach a class. My journals are an art form that is just for me. Similar to a blog but more private if I want it to be but usually I will show them to anyone who is interested in looking through them. The books are usually pretty full so I don't worry to much about anyone reading any personal info that I don't want seen, it would take you quite awhile to actually read through one. A few years ago I was going through some difficult times and was very stressed out. I started checking into art therapy and that is how I happened onto Sommerset Studio and saw an article on Illustrated watercolor journaling and that is how it all started. For years I tried to keep a sketchbook going or a journal but not until I started combining the two did it stick. I have been doing the journals now for almost 5 years. I don't do it everyday and I tend to not do it at all if things aren't going well. Unfortunately I am in another difficult time of my life. I was fired from my job in Aug. after filing a workers comp. claim. Right after returning from Reno convention I had to have the surgery on both of my hands. I am still unemployed and my resources have RUN OUT! Honestly right now my art, my creativity (and my deep desire to learn to caricature) is all that is keeping me going. As it has many times in my life. It is my best friend and has been there for me always I think other artists might be able to relate. Someday when I am gone my grandkids will have the journals to remember me by. I am drawing daily and trying to improve my skills and working on several different avenues to learn the art of caricature. Here is one of my most recent attempts... dr. phil and robin mcgraw tell me what you think...I am available to draw at your event whether it's a child's party, church event, group event, let me add some fun and laughter to any celebration! I will be posting some newer sketches so come back soon!

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